follow me?

sorry but this is rude. you can ask me to check out your blog though! i will follow you if i like your blog.

follow back?

it depends if i like your blog but i check out all blogs that follow me

check out my blog?

i check out all blogs that follow me but if u want me to specifically tell u how ur blog is, then tag me in a post with nyc-b4be

how many followers do you have?

x,xxx if you want the specific number then ask me OFF anon, ill tell you

can you reblog this pic/can you vote for me?

of course :)

promo for promo?

depends on how many followers you have, just message me 

promo me?

sorry i dont do promos unless i get something in return

why did you unfollow me?

i dont like your blog type, posts, or u werent active for 2+ days

need html help?

i’d be glad to help <3 

he made my theme, i edited it so don’t ask my for my code.

she made my icon

she also made my icon

she made my mouse thingy ;)

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